“Fall” Into Composting…

greenFall is the perfect time to compost in addition to aerating, seeding, and fertilizing.

Composting is nature’s way of recycling. For thousands of year, ecosystems have survived and thrived by self-producing compost from spent plant material. Compost contains essential nutrients and moisture that help plants and lawns grow by:

  • Improving the structure, drainage and water –holding capacity of soil
  • Encouraging deep-rooting
  • Helping to suppress plant disease, and
  • Reducing erosion

West County Gardens has been operating a recycling facility for all the waste we collect for over 15 years at our 4.5 acre location on Midland near Lindbergh.

All yard waste material is brought into our facility and separated. Plastic pots are donated to a local recycler. Brick, stone, concrete, and dirty soil are used as ‘fill material’. Brush, logs, and chipper chips are run through a Tub Grinder (blender) once a year creating a compost material. It is piled and sits for 12-18 months. After that time, it is then turned, replied and sits again for another 12-18 months. Finally, it is turned one last time and moved to our outgoing compost bin to be used as soil amendment.

West County Gardens is doing our best on a daily basis to maximize the recycling effort and reduce the amount of trash and debris dumped in landfills.

Check out this page to see the advantages of using Black Gold Compost.

If you are interested in our composting service, please do not hesitate to contact us at (314) 423-9244. We are happy to assist you with any of your landscaping needs.

Happy recycling to all of you…