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14 Nov 2017

Snow Removal in St. Louis

Snow Removal in St. Louis

Lets face it, its not every week that you are having to look for a company to help you with snow removal in St. Louis. Okay, granted.  Over the past several years we don’t get a lot of snow in the St. Louis area, but when we do, you need it removed and quickly.  And not only from your driveway or walk.  Heavy snow or ice that remains on your landscaped areas can cause lasting damage.  You can call us when you need us, or contract with us to be there whenever the weather turns wicked.

West County Gardens is available around the clock when you need snow removal services. From a single snow flake to a major winter storm we have the people, equipment, and materials in place to make sure your company is still operating efficiently no matter what the conditions are like outdoors.

Winter in the St. Louis area can be unpredictable, and we’re experiencing more ice events than ever before. As a property manager, you’re responsible for safety on your grounds. Snow and ice are a real liability, with slip-and-fall lawsuits, vehicle accidents and lost revenue as a result.

snow removal in St. Louis
Snow Removal in St. Louis


Plan Ahead for Winter Weather

West County Gardens snow and ice management services are scalable to suit your property’s demands. We are equipped to provide around-the-clock service to industrial sites, office parks, shopping centers, hospitals, schools and other public properties that value the health and safety.

We ensure that your property gains these important service benefits:

  • Deicing Products. We select appropriate de-icing materials to minimize damage to your paving and landscape while maximizing ice melting results.
  • Heavy-Duty Equipment. Our full fleet of heavy-duty trucks, snow plows, skid-steer loaders and complementary snow removal equipment operate around the clock to clear your property. We have mechanics on staff, and our professionals are specially trained to operate snow removal equipment.
  • Safety & Liability. Who’s liable for damage or accidents caused by snow and ice? Our snow removal in St. Louis team carries adequate insurance and employs team members who understand how to safely operate equipment.
  • Response Time. Weather is temperamental, and winter preparation requires constant monitoring for storms. West County Gardens always has a dedicated scout on site, regardless if there’s snow to push. We take full responsibility for monitoring site conditions before, during and after a storm. Because of this, we respond immediately with pre-storm treatments and ongoing snow removal. Our tight routes and experienced crews mean faster cycles times. That means your snow removal in St. Louis team will return in a timely manner to keep your property clear and safe.

We buy all our materials in bulk to ensure we have enough materials for even the worst winter. When others ran out of rock salt and ice melt a few years ago leaving their customers hanging we still had plenty!

Please call West County Gardens today at (314) 423-9244 or fill out the form below to schedule a free estimate for snow removal in St. Louis. 

27 Mar 2013

Bed Maintenance in St. Louis

Bed Maintenance in St. Louis: Record Snow Fall

bed maintenance in St. LouisOn Sunday, March 24, 2013 the St. Louis area was hit with a big snow storm. Pretty ironic considering the calendar says it’s Spring. While everyone was hoping for beautiful, warmer weather, we were plowing snow.

Last year the area experienced an early Spring and this year it seems that Spring is pushed back. Sometimes that is not a bad thing in the landscaping industry.

In case you are wondering, the snow storm was considered to be a record setter. We haven’t had this much snow since 1980. Here are the totals for this storm:

Lambert Airport             12.6”

Mount Olive, Illinois    16.2”

Godfrey, Illinois            15.3”

Hazelwood, MO            14”

O’Fallon, MO                 14”

St. Charles, MO             13.3”

Hardin, Illinois             14”

Valley Park, MO            9.8”

University City, MO      8.8”

Clarksville, MO              13”

When this snow melts, we will be continuing our efforts to perform bed maintenance. Now is the time that we start sending out our bed maintenance crews to make our customer’s look great again. Some customer’s are visited annually (once a year), semi-annually (twice a year), monthly, or even every other month. Whatever the program you have signed up for, we will be coming soon. Keep your eyes out for us.

If you or someone you know is looking for help with your flower bed maintenance, Spring bed mulching, composting, or leaf removal the professionals at West County Gardens can help. They specialize in spraying & feeding of shrubs and trees, turf fertilization, lawn mowing, turf maintenance! Call West County Gardens today at (314) 423-9244 or email them at to see what bed maintenance program works best for you.

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