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24 Apr 2016

Getting rid of dandelions in your yard

Does your yard look like this? Remember, when you were a kid picking Dandelions and blowing them in the wind? Unfortunately, Dandelions are a weed. Once blown, they spread and eventually your lawn looks like this. They are pollinating and reproducing.



In order to prevent this or get “rid” of them, please call us immediately at (314) 423-9244.   We will develop a spray program that will fit your lawn needs.

We can make your lawn the envy of all your neighbors. Call us today!

19 Aug 2015



Aeration has many benefits for your lawn and is one of the most important cultural practices that you can possibly do for you lawn. Core aeration is the most common form of aeration that we do for lawns.

The benefits include:

  • Improvement of drainage
  • Increases air, water, and nutrients to the roots
  • Helps relieve soil compaction
  • Stimulates new growth
  • Decreases thatch build up
  • During drought conditions, aeration helps water reach thirsty roots
  • Creates a better environment for overseeding
  • Increases the effectiveness of applied fertilizers

What time of the year is best to aerate? Fall is the best time because it can be combined with seeding. You can aerate in the Spring but it would need to be done before pre-emergent is applied for crabgrass.

Experts say you should have at least 9 holes per square foot and in some clay soils 18 holes per square foot. In order to accomplish this, you may have to make several passes with a drum style aerator. If you have a mechanical or reciprocating aerator, you can pull enough cores in one pass to be sufficient. I don’t think you can aerate your lawn too much in the fall. The more cores you pull, the better. You can turn a lawn into nothing but cores and it will recover and be better than before in a couple weeks. The cores dissolve over the course of a few weeks with watering and rainfall. I recommend mowing after aeration to also help break up the cores. The soil that is pulled during this aeration process will also help reduce thatch.

When should I seed? Seeding is best to do at the same time as aeration (as mentioned above). The reason for this is after aeration the seed that falls into the holes (Fescue or Rye grass primarily) can germinate and help fill in the bare areas. For large bare areas in your lawn, we recommend using a slit seeder with a seed box or broadcast the seed using a power rake that has solid knives to cut slices through the thatch into the soil. This will further open up the thatch and allow the seed to fall in the slits and up in rows.

Once the bare areas in your lawn are seeded, you will need to keep it moist by watering so that the seed can germinate. This can take 7-21 days depending on the type of seed you use.

In conjunction with aeration and seeding, now is the time to apply a fall fertilizer to help your lawn start to recover from the summer heat and disease activity.

If you need assistance with aeration, seeding, or fertilizing, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (314) 423-9244. We look forward to showing you a beautiful lawn in the Spring by preparing in the Fall.

20 Aug 2014

Custom Fire Pits in St. Louis MO

• 8” wide Fond du lac wall stone 2”- 3” and 4” to 5” thick

• Fond du lac Flagstone, bench seat

• Custom built Fond du lac wall stone fire pit with fire brick lining- 38” dia.

• Rosetta Stone-Grand Flagstone- Color: Cedar Valley – patio surface

• Seasoned hardened brick pavers – border

• Techniseal – Sand-lock grout, ( paver joints)


Custom Fire Pits in St. Louis MO

There are many options and designs available. Your fire pit can be round or square, dry stacked, or mortared like the pictures below just to name a few. Fireplaces can be any height, width, and length using standard brick or stone materials.

If you can dream it, we can create it.

Please call West County Gardens today at (314) 423-9244 to schedule a free estimate.

19 Feb 2013

Bed Maintenance in St. Louis

Bed Maintenance is set to start back up again in St. Louis

Fall and Winter isn’t quite over and Spring is right around the corner. Now is the time that we start sending out our bed maintenance crews to make our customer’s look great again. Some customer’s are visited annually (once a year), semi-annually (twice a year), monthly, or even every other month. Whatever the program you have signed up for, we will be coming soon. Keep your eyes out for us.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about our bed maintenance program, please call if you have any questions or would like a proposal to clean your beds at (314) 423-9244.

Thank you for choosing West County Gardens.

12 Feb 2013

Deer Creek Watershed Alliance Program in St. Louis

West County Gardens, Inc. is now an approved contractor for the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance program.

In regards to the RainScape Rebate Program (aka Rain Garden), we can assist homeowner’s who live in the following municipalities:

• Brentwood
• Clayton
• Creve Coeur
• Des Peres
• Frontenac
• Kirkwood
• Ladue
• Maplewood
• Olivette
• Richmond Heights
• Rock Hill
• University City
• Warson Woods
• Webster Groves

For more information and FAQ’s on the RainScape Rebate Program, please visit

Invasive and/or native plants are suggested for Rain Gardens. You can find plants by visiting

Excerpts from

Watersheds Explained

Everyone Lives in a Watershed

A watershed is an area of land where stormwater runoff will ultimately drain to a particular stream, river, wetland or other body of water. As individuals, our actions have a direct impact on the quality of our water resources. Stormwater runoff occurs when rain falls or snow melts and flows over the surface of the ground in the watershed. Hard surfaces like rooftops, driveways, sidewalks and streets prevent stormwater from naturally soaking into the ground.

The Problem with Stormwater Runoff

Stormwater runoff can pick up soil, trash, fertilizers, chemicals and other debris, and carry it into a storm sewer, which transports it directly to a lake, stream, river or wetland in your watershed. Anything that enters a storm sewer goes untreated into the same waterbodies we use for swimming, fishing, and drinking water. The way you take care of your home and yard impacts water quality.

Did you know that if yard waste, such as leaves, grass clippings, weeds, prunings, brush, and small twigs that are naturally found around the home, are disposed of along a creek or in the storm drain it can impact the water quality?

Yard waste decaying in creeks and rivers decomposes in a process that removes oxygen from the water. Fish and other aquatic life can’t survive in water with low oxygen. As yard waste decomposes, plant nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are also released. These nutrients promote the excessive growth of algae in the water. As the water becomes polluted, it does not support aquatic life and becomes a health hazard.


Leaves and woody debris naturally accumulate in streams and creeks, however, when you collect and dispose of yard waste along creek banks, the added yard waste covers the ground and keeps out the natural vegetation that helps to stabilize the bank. This practice leads to increased erosion and sedimentation that clouds creek water and destroys habitat for aquatic life. Improper disposal of yard waste increases the accumulation of debris which in turn can lead to blockages that inhibit proper drainage. Although it is common for some homeowners to dispose of yard waste along creek banks, it is not good practice.

Please let us know how we can assist you in this process. If you or some one you know is looking for stormwater runoff or erosion in St. Louis, garden maintenance, winter clean up or landscape maintenance please give the landscape contractors at West County Gardens a call at (314) 423-9244. Along with the other residential landscaping services, we also specialize in gardening services, yard maintenance, planting beds, landscaping bushes and shrubs, and estate maintenance. We will be happy to give you a quote and see how we can work you into our schedule.

02 Jan 2013

Pat Kelly Equipment Company: New mini excavator

mini excavator st. louisNew Equipment Purchased…

Recently we purchased a mini excavator from Pat Kelly Equipment Company.

We were approached by Dan Christian from Pat Kelly about this piece of equipment and after some serious consideration, we decided it would be a good move for WCG and be a useful addition to our fleet.

We couldn’t be happier! It’s a great asset on jobsites and here at our lot. Very handy to have around. We are constantly coming up with new ways to utilize it.

A special thanks to Dan Christian at Pat Kelly Equipment Company. We recommend them for your next purchase!

mini excavator st. louis

If you or someone you know is looking for a custom landscaping or a landscaping company in St. Louis, please call Charlie today at (314) 423-9244 to discuss options that can be used to create your dreams. We will also create a free landscape design to allow your vision to come to life.




11 Dec 2012

Bed maintenance in St. Louis: Holiday Landscaping Cleanup

Flower Bed Maintenance in St. Louis: Cleaning Up For The Holidays

With the Holiday season almost upon us, we have been very busy cleaning up leaves and performing flower bed maintenance for our customers. Our intention is to always make their homes look picture perfect for their family and friends who are visiting and celebrating the season.

The cold weather rarely hinders our job. We work year around. However, during the winter months, we prefer to install hardscapes because our maintenance services are coming to an end and it keeps our crews employed.

If you or some one you know is looking for flower bed maintenance in St. Louis, garden maintenance, winter clean up or landscape maintenance please give the landscape contractors at West County Gardens a call at (314) 423-9244. Along with the other residential landscaping services, we also specialize in gardening services, yard maintenance, planting beds, landscaping bushes and shrubs, and estate maintenance. We will be happy to give you a quote and see how we can work you into our schedule.

Happy Holidays!!

27 Sep 2012

Outdoor landscape lighting company in St. Louis

landscape lighting in St. LouisDo you wish that your existing outdoor lighting system would cover more area(s)?

Do you have a new landscape feature that you would like to accent?

Do you have to change bulbs frequently?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we have a solution for you…

We are now offering an annual maintenance service that will do all of the above plus give you peace of mind that your system is operating at this maximum efficiency.

Professionally installed and maintained outdoor lighting systems increase the safety and beauty of your home or business, while also adding resale value. Low voltage lighting highlights the architectural elements of your home, and accentuates the features of your landscape.  We can design a beautiful lighting display for your focal point; a fountain, a statue, the weeping branches of your Japanese Maple tree, focus a light onto the gentle splashes of your waterfall and get more bang for your buck from the features of your landscape by being able to view them even after dusk.

During your scheduled visit, if you have an existing system, we will change all the bulbs, clean the fixtures, adjust fixtures for proper brightness and effect, and check the transformer and timer for the most effective settings. We are also available to discuss expanding your system to cover more areas or accent a new landscape feature at any time.  If you are looking for a landscape lighting and currently do not have a system, we will provide you with a free estimate for installing a lighting plan that suits your needs.

If you or someone you know is looking for professional landscape lighting for their St. Louis home, or looking for low voltage lighting to highlight their home or business, please call West County Gardens today to discuss your landscape lighting needs at (314) 423-9244.