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West County Gardens is introducing a totally “Green” method of improving lawns and drainage while re-using green debris and saving space in our landfills.

By heavily core aerating, and top dressing with “Black Gold Compost” using a specialized spreader, we can promote a greener healthier turf with less emphasis on fertilizers and, or pesticides. This process over time will also help retain water deeper in the soil, slowing run-off (which carries pollutants) to our streams and rivers, in doing so keeping more usable moisture on your property.

Just one application can be beneficial, and soil can continue to be improved with yearly visits.


1. Improve the soil structure, porosity, and density, thus creating a better plant root environment.
2. Increases the infiltration and permeability of heavy soils, thus reducing erosion and runoff.
3. Improves water holding capacity, thus reducing water loss and leaching in sandy soils.
4. Supplies a variety of macro and micronutrients.
5. May control or suppress certain soil-borne plant pathogens.
6. Supplies significant quantities of organic matter.
7. Improves Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of soils and growing media, thus improving their ability to hold nutrients for plant use.
8. Supplies beneficial microorganisms to soil and growing media.
9. Improves and stabilizes soil pH.
10. Can bind and degrade specific pollutants. The entire process is usually accomplished in 20 – 40 weeks.