Bed Maintenance in St. Louis: Record Snow Fall

bed maintenance in St. LouisOn Sunday, March 24, 2013 the St. Louis area was hit with a big snow storm. Pretty ironic considering the calendar says it’s Spring. While everyone was hoping for beautiful, warmer weather, we were plowing snow.

Last year the area experienced an early Spring and this year it seems that Spring is pushed back. Sometimes that is not a bad thing in the landscaping industry.

In case you are wondering, the snow storm was considered to be a record setter. We haven’t had this much snow since 1980. Here are the totals for this storm:

Lambert Airport             12.6”

Mount Olive, Illinois    16.2”

Godfrey, Illinois            15.3”

Hazelwood, MO            14”

O’Fallon, MO                 14”

St. Charles, MO             13.3”

Hardin, Illinois             14”

Valley Park, MO            9.8”

University City, MO      8.8”

Clarksville, MO              13”

When this snow melts, we will be continuing our efforts to perform bed maintenance. Now is the time that we start sending out our bed maintenance crews to make our customer’s look great again. Some customer’s are visited annually (once a year), semi-annually (twice a year), monthly, or even every other month. Whatever the program you have signed up for, we will be coming soon. Keep your eyes out for us.

If you or someone you know is looking for help with your flower bed maintenance, Spring bed mulching, composting, or leaf removal the professionals at West County Gardens can help. They specialize in spraying & feeding of shrubs and trees, turf fertilization, lawn mowing, turf maintenance! Call West County Gardens today at (314) 423-9244 or email them at to see what bed maintenance program works best for you.

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